Basic Advance Accounting Training in Dubai

Basic accounting courses are foundational courses that cover the history of accounting, the introduction of double-entry bookkeeping, introduction to the basic financial statements and how they are prepared, and discussion of common and easy economic transactions and how these are recorded using double-entry bookkeeping.

Advanced accounting courses cover special accounting topics that demand separate discussions from those tackled in the basic and intermediate accounting courses. They include, among others, consolidation method, equity method, pooling-of-interests method, home and branch accounting, government fund accounting, and not-for-profit accounting.

  • Objectives and Scope of Accounting
  • Accounting Cycle
  • Basic Accounting Concepts
  • Branches Of Accounting
  • Account Groups
  • Double Entry System
  • The Journal
  • Analysis And Treatment Of Transactions
  • The Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit And Loss Account
  • Adjustment Entries
  • The Balance Sheet

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Overview, accounting fundamentals, and financial statements, are provided here.

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