Building Management System Training in Dubai

  • Basic of Electrical and Electronics
  • Fundamentals of Motors, Generators , and Transformers
  • Relay Logic Control
  • What is Panel and its types?
  • Wiring, Drawing of Control Panels
  • Wiring and Cable Concept and its size calculation
  • Load calculation
  • Electrical Safety
  • Switch Gear Systems
  • Basic Of PLC
  • Basic of HMI
  • Basic of C Drive
  • Introduction of Sensors, Actuators
  • Understand Input and Output Devices
  • Basic of HVAC systems
  • Fire alarm Systems
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Introduction to the Refrigeration Cycle
  • Understanding the components of AC systems
  • Fixed Air Volume and Variable Air Volume Application
  • Building Utility Management and Control Strategy
  • Networking
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    NLP provides you with sessions and full training course.

    Basic of Electrical and Electronics, Fundamentals of Motors, Generators, and Transformers, Relay Logic Control, What is Panel and its types?, Wiring, Drawing of Control Panels, etc.
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