GMAT Training in Dubai

What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive examination administered year-round at test centers throughout the world. The GMAT exam measures verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills developed over a long period of time. It is specifically designed to help graduate management programs assess the qualification of applicants for advanced study in business and management. GMAT scores are used by approximately 4,700 graduate management programs at more than 1,900 schools.

The GMAT tests a student’s quantitative abilities, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing skills under timed conditions.

Every AMIDEAST’s GMAT Preparation Course is intensive and rigorous. Students learn a deconstructive approach to confidently approach the exam, and then apply these techniques to practice questions, inside and outside of the classroom. AMIDEAST’s GMAT Preparation Course has created unique tools for serious students, designed to unlock their exam potential!

  • We give you 30 hours of instruction in the verbal and analytical writing skills, and 30 hours in improving your Mathematical skills. This means 60 hours of intensive study working towards successful test-taking strategies.
  • You will learn how to read faster and with more understanding, so that you get through the Reading Sections of the GMAT. This will also help you read your way through your university courses.
  • Your vocabulary will increase tremendously, making it easier for you to really understand your graduate-level reading.
  • Your mathematics skills will increase. Your speed and your ability to solve problems of all types will improve markedly.
  • Your writing abilities will be sharpened, which will help you in any career you may choose.
  • Introduction & Overview
  • Full-length practice tests on CD-ROM
  • Intensive practice for each section of the test
  • Proven score-raising strategies
  • Essential tactics for mastering each section

What Time Line Therapy® Training Teaches You?
Time Line Therapy® training will teach you a collection of techniques that allow you to gain emotional control over your life. Inappropriate emotional reactions, such as bursts of anger, periods of apathy, depression, sadness, anxiety, and chronic fear, are responsible for preventing people from achieving the quality of life they desire. Limiting decisions, such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’ll never be rich,” or “I don’t deserve a great marriage,” create false limitations and hamper your ability to create reachable and attainable goals and outcomes.

The specific collection of techniques called Time Line Therapy® produces long-lasting transformation very quickly and easily. These powerful Time Line Therapy® techniques are becoming the method of choice to make fast, effective, long-term changes in behavior.
Be free from your past, create your future! Make it so with Time Line Therapy®.

Why Study Time Line Therapy ®?
While many people studyTime Line Therapy® techniques for their own personal growth and development, they are also of the utmost value to the professional. There are many people that use NLP, but regardless of profession, the majority of NLP participants are searching, and finding, better and more effective ways to increase their performance and improve their effectiveness. Here’s how studying Time Line Therapy® can help:

  • Managers and Entrepreneurs use the information to develop strong team work and relationships, and to foster positive interpersonal skills. Negotiations and problem solving sessions are enhanced to create solution-oriented, win-win approaches.
  • Salespeople learn to build deep levels of rapport, elicit and fulfill the criteria and values of clients, and develop effective methods for handling buyer’s remorse or future objections so the sales relationship is long-term and mutually satisfying.
  • Trainers and Educators learn new paradigms for inspiring and engaging students, as well as effective techniques for dealing with challenging learning environments.
  • Mental Health Professionals learn new skills and techniques that supplement their repertoire, and gain additional insights into helping clients make the changes that support their own process of healing.
  • Medical Professionals learn techniques to better elicit information from clients, and to help the client be more comfortable with and receptive to treatment, thus supporting them to heal in a more responsive fashion.
  • Achieving Professional Excellence Whether you’re already succeeding in your profession, having some difficulties, or if you’re transitioning into a new position,NLP training and Time Line Therapy® techniques can help you achieve, maintain and enhance excellence.

How will studying Time Line Therapy® techniques benefit me?
Through using Time Line Therapy® techniques, your personal happiness and professional success will be much more consistent, and much more predictable. Your effectiveness in working with others will be dramatically increased and your ability to empower yourself for optimum results will be increased. You will be able to generate empowering emotional states within yourself at will, eliminate any negative emotions, identify and change limiting beliefs, inspire yourself with a compelling future, and create patterns of excellence.

Change Your Life with Time Line Therapy®
Want to know how to change you time line, change your life, and change the world?
Must experience our trainings to develop a new insight of your inner as well as outer world.

Module 1: Meeting Ethical Guidelines & Professional Standards
Module 2: Establish the Coaching Agreement
Module 3: Establishing trust & intimacy with the client
Module 4: Developing a Coaching presence
Module 5: Active Listening
Module 6: Powerful Questioning
Module 7: Direct Communication & Feedback
Module 8: Creating Awareness
Module 9 : Designing actions
Module 10: Planning & Goal Setting
Module 11: Managing Progress & Accountability

1. Pre-Study Learning – 2 hours

2. LIVE Training – 40 hours

3. Books study and video watching and audio listening for conducting Coaching Sessions – 60 hours

4. Assessment Submission & Accreditation criteria – 20 hours TOTAL Hours = 120 Hours

What is Life Coaching?
Coaching is all about you and your goals. People who look for coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have in common a desire to achieve more in their personal or professional lives. Whether you’re a college student looking to improve your grades, or an aspiring artist trying to make your mark in the art world, you’ll benefit from having a coach by your side to help you see turn your vision into reality.


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NLP provides you with sessions and full training course.

Enhance your academic potential with GMAT preparatory course. It will prepare participants in the important aspects of the exam. We have professional staff that will help you throughout the way in order to achieve the maximum grade.

NLP provides you with sessions and full training course.

Enhance your academic potential with GMAT preparatory course. It will prepare participants in the important aspects of the exam. We have professional staff that will help you throughout the way in order to achieve the maximum grade.
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