NLP Sales Training Course

Improve your selling skills by engaging with your customers at a deeper level by using NLP sales techniques. This course develops Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to enhance client relationships and ultimately achieve greater success at selling. The training program outline is up to date and pertinent to marketplace requirements, thus catering well to all analytical prediction of training needs in the specified area. An additional module has been added into this course which is called Nlp Negotiation Model in sales which is remarkably effective at individual level as well as organizational level.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training course, the attendees will have:

  • Understood that buyers buy emotionally as well as logically
  • Types of buyers from NLP perspective ( Visual, auditory, Kinesthetic, Auditory digital)
  • Applied NLP sales techniques to build rapport and connect with buyers at a deeper and personal level
  • Recognised some of the thinking and language patterns that make each individual unique
  • Identified each buyer’s individual buying map
  • Tailored their sales approach to the individual buyer’s style and talk in their language
  • Understood and adopted the beliefs of sales excellence
  • Asked powerful questions to further recognize the buyer’s personal buying map, how to chunk up, chunk down, chunk laterally
  • Applied tools and techniques to empathize with buyers – seeing things from their perspective
  • Influenced with integrity and practiced selling with NLP successfully to individuals
  • Created a personal development and action plan that will be applied back in the workplace
  • Find out buyer strategies from eye movements
  • Learning three perceptual positions in sales process

Introductory exercise

  • How buyers buy

Building rapport -Building relationships with individuals

  • Levels of rapport……physiology, voice, words (matching, mirroring,indirect matching)

The buyer’s personal buying map

Breaking of rapport….when,why,how

  • Introduction

Language styles….chunk up, chunk down, lateral chunking

  • Visual, auditory, kinesthetic personalities of a buyer
  • Direction of language
  • Intonation styles ….very effective to communicate with the subconscious mind of the buyer
  • Matching and mismatching body language and words
  • Recognizing the language in others
  • Successes and challenges
  • Sharing learning

    Successful sales mindset -Beliefs and behaviors….how to identify their limiting beliefs with the power of NLP

    Empathy – stepping into the buyer’s shoes ( perceptual positions)

    • Perceptual positions 1, 2, 3 ( which is most effective among all three)
    • Stepping into the buyers’ shoes

    Influencing and selling with integrity

    Indicators of rapport…..skin color change, saying something,leading, internal feelings

    • Match, pace, lead

    Powerful questions – eliciting the personal buying map

    • Clean questions
    • Precision questions
    • Strategies from the eye movements of a buyer
    • Action planning and course feedback
This Course is for whom
  • Sales Executives
  • Business Development Executives
  • Sales Managers
  • Account Managers / Relationship Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Directors 
  • Teachers /trainers
  • Leaders
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Head of department
  • HR professional

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NLP provides you with sessions and full training course.

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