PYTHON Coding Training in Dubai

PyQt and Qt Designer

  • Getting started with Python
  • The fundamentals of Python programming
  • Python operators and built-in types
  • Variables
  • Operator basics
  • Python statement
  • Loop in python
  • Play with numbers, strings, lists, comparators, tuple, dictionary
  • Functions
  • Python Module
  • Exception Handling
  • File Operation
  • Oops concepts
  • Working with Database
  • Data Visualization with Python

Course Introduction

  • Different types of basic Matplotlib charts
  • Basic customization options
  • Advance customization option
  • Geographical Plotting with Base map
  • 3D graphing
PyQt and Qt Planner

  • Simple user interface design
  • How to convert Qt5.UI file to. PY file
  • Using Radio Buttons widgets
  • Using Checkbox widget
  • Event handling in Qt5
  • Event handling- Signal and Slots
  • Event handling – Slot Editor
  • The Slot Widget- Basics
  • The Combo Box widget
  • The progress bar widget
  • Working with Qt5 Dialogs
  • Mastering the Qt5 Layouts
  • Handling date and time in Qt5
  • Qt Designer styling your APP
  • PyQt code structure
  • PyQt Widgets
  • PyQt Dialogs
  • PyQt layouts
  • PyQt signals and slots
  • PyQt menus and toolbars
  • PyQt Tabs
  • From Designer to Python code
  • PyQt text editor
  • Converting to .exe & Distributing our codes

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Getting started with Python, The fundamentals of Python programming, Python operators and built-in types, Variables, Operator basics, Python statement, Loop in python, etc.
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