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Get upskilled in various Courses with NLPTech Training Center in Dubai and become confident in leading complex and challenging projects in corporate world.

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Build a Strong and Vibrant Workforce with the Best Corporate Training Center in Dubai.

We help close the gap between the skills and competencies in your workforce and pave the way for innovation, enhanced productivity and employee performance with our customised Corporate Training Program in Dubai.

  • Microsoft Training
  • Designing Training
  • Development Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Language Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Cyber Security Training

Custom Solutions for Employee Training in Dubai

We Grow your Business by Upskilling Your Workforce

We develop & deliver world-class corporate training programs for employees that align with your company’s culture. We provide private and custom corporate training programs for corporate groups or organisations with specific training and development needs.

Level Up with NLPTech’s Corporate Training Courses

NLPTech Training Center is one of the best Corporate Training Centers in Dubai with the zeal to be on top by providing on-demand corporate training programs for individuals and businesses. Our customized corporate training courses are an integration of knowledge, skills, resources, and manpower. Our technical, non-technical, and soft skills training programs will provide an immersive learning experience for the participants.

How Do You Benefit from Our Corporate Training?

  • Improves Cost Efficiency:
    We help you cut the cost of hiring new employees by training your existing employees. Corporate learning and development improve efficiency and build their existing knowledge.
  • Lowers Absenteeism: 
    When you improve employee engagement, it will naturally reflect in their sense of commitment to your company, resulting in lowering absenteeism.
  • Improves Employee Morale:
    Our corporate training helps improve your employees’ morale and creates a sense of value which inspires them to produce better results.
  • Retain your Clients/Customers:
    From signing new customers to maintaining existing, our training will improve your employees’ engagement, which results in developing the best customer service practices.
  • Eliminates Weaknesses:
    Team training helps employees to understand each other’s weaknesses and to eliminate these insufficiencies when the circumstances are right.
  • Ramps Up Productivity: 
    Instead of hiring a new team, training your existing team virtually guarantees an increase in their future level of production.

Upskill With Our Stand-Alone Features

  • Customized Training: 
    Our customized corporate training solutions deliver key business outcomes that guarantee you a great return on investment (ROI).
  • Competent Trainers:
    Our Trainers are competent enough to understand your business challenges, skills, and competency gaps in the domain of leadership and team performance.
  • Comprehensive Learning: 
    We follow a comprehensive method of teaching which takes an active, customized, authentic, flexible, engaging and practical approach.

The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers

Our Custom Corporate Training Approach

Once we get an inquiry into specific training, Here are the 5 step corporate training process you must follow in Dubai
  • Identifying The Training Objective: Determining the training objectives directs the entire learning program. As a part of identifying the training objective, we will discuss your requirement in detail over the call or directly.
  • Choose A Course Through Customization: You can customize the course to meet your company’s objectives. We can arrange a consultation with our trainer, either at your premise or over a call. Our Trainer will explain the details of the course and the training to the concerned persons of the company. Once we get a go-ahead response, we will proceed with the next step.
  • Customise Course Modules: To customise the course modules, the trainer will conduct
    • A general pre-assessment online test to measure the participant’s level of knowledge
    • Assess complete information about the participants and their profiles.
  • Choose A Training Delivery Mode: Once you have fixed the training location, you can choose the training delivery mode. We deliver training either through
    • Classroom
    • Online
  • Choose A Training Venue You can choose to conduct the training at:
    • NLPTech’s Premises
    • At Client’s Premises
    • At a 3-star/4- star/5-star hotel
  • Getting The Training Plan In Action: Our Trainer will deliver the training on the proposed date and venue. We put the training plan into action. We create a learning environment which promotes a participative approach through role-playing and interactive games to keep the trainees involved.
  • Training Evaluation (Post-Assessment): A training evaluation is done in the way of a post-assessment test to check whether the goals and objectives of the training have been achieved or not. We collect feedback from the participants on the training.
  • Handing Over Permitted Course-Completion Certificate Once the participants successfully complete the course, we hand over a course completion certificate.

Our Non-Customised Corporate Training Approach

Here is how to go ahead with a ready-to-take Corporate Training in Dubai.

How We Conduct The Training?

You can choose the right training mode that is ideal for your organisation, as well as individual team members. We deliver corporate training in two modes. These include:

1 Virtual

2 Face-to-face

1. Virtual/ Online

Our Virtual Instructor-Led interactive and engaging training delivered online live via Zoom or other mediums will be ideal for those employees or organisations (limited numbers of up to 8 people) who cannot take the classroom training.

2. Face-To-Face

You can choose our face-to-face training and a more hands-on approach and get the best training out of it. Our face-to-face training program can be delivered at;

  • Client’s Premises

Corporate training will be delivered at the client’s premises, where the employees will be trained in their familiar environment

  • NLPTech’s Classroom

Classroom training will be delivered at NLPTech Training Center in Dubai, which is located in the heart of the city in the Bank Street Building occupying an area of over 7000+ square feet with easy access to BurJuman Metro Station and other city center facilities.

  • A Hotel

We can conduct Corporate Training in a chosen hotel according to the client’s convenience.

Tools & Techniques Used For Corporate Training

  • Interactive Training
    We deliver team-building activities and development programs in an interactive manner to create high-performing teams.
  • Activity Based Training Team-building games are a vital part of creating effective teams and improving soft skills. Teams are as diverse as the people who are part of them.
  • Group Discussion
    Participants can discuss or share their issues, and best practices concerning their workplace. This enables every attendee to voice different ideas and bounce them off one another.
  • Case studies
    All courses are tailored for the Middle East market, using many case studies from the region. This will help the participants analyze real job-related situations, they can learn how to handle similar situations. They can also see how various elements of a job work together to create problems as well as solutions.
  • Role-playing
    Our team-building activity induces well-defined role plays. These role-plays are initiators or enablers that change one’s behavior to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role or consciously to act out an adopted role.
  • Active summaries
    Participants will be given tasks to summarize the lecture’s major points and have their own understanding of the topics based on their experiences.
  • Music & Games
    As social beings, we love to connect face-to-face, so we have a range of event types, from music and creativity to business games. The trainer will prepare games to simulate real-life issues faced in the workplace.
  • Films & Videos
    We use interactive video paths during the training to make your training more engaging and help in building a more meaningful learning experience.
  • Live Project-based Hands on Activities
    Our technical courses include hands-on activities on illustrations, projects, customized practice files and activities like in a workshop environment.
  • Data Visualization & Analytics Study
    Some of our technical courses involving Sales, Human Resources and Finance, require you to learn data analysis techniques so that we use dashboards and spreadsheets as the first steps in developing data visualization.
  • Lab Practices
    Our IT and Cybersecurity Courses are provided hands-on learning in our well-facilitated IT lab allowing learners to build practical Skills in the specified subject areas.
  • Mock Tests
    We can provide you with mock tests to familiarise yourself with the processes of Computer Based Test (CBT) before you actually appear for the exam.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We believe that appropriate training is the key to adding value to your business activities. Therefore, NLPTech Training Center is one of the best training companies in Dubai to provide you with Corporate Training in Dubai. We offer a wide variety of courses under our Corporate Training banner which will meet your business expectations and where you have the choice to pick the best to suit your employee training needs.

NLPTech Training Institute is known as one of the best professional training institutes in Dubai. We have helped many businesses in delivering the best corporate training solutions. Cyber Security, Health care, skilled trades, IT, language, skill development, leadership, and management are among the most popular courses we deliver through our Corporate Training in UAE. In addition, however, we offer a wide variety of industry-specific training to companies and organizations in Dubai. Businesses are advised to contact our Corporate Training office to ask about the corporate training programs they require. In most cases, we will help you with your choice and through our vast network of corporate trainers.

Absolutely! Small businesses are a critical part of our business. Therefore, we offer corporate training services such as public workshops and short courses that allow small businesses to team up with other organizations and businesses to access basic level employee training such as computer skills (Microsoft Office Courses), leadership and management, and human resources. If the training needs are more specific, we will work with your business to develop a customized training plan.

Your training objectives determine the number of participants per professional corporate training program. We have experience with delivering workshops to groups of up to 20 people. Most corporate clients choose a group size of 10 to 12 staff when they want the training to be customized. Larger groups of 25 are alright when it’s generic communication skills to the team from several departments.

Yes. Here at NLPTech, the Corporate Training Providers in Dubai offer only customized programs because each business has different needs that range far and wide. There are only very few Corporate Training Institutes in Dubai that offer training for corporate employees. So we want to make sure that all of your company’s needs are met, and you don’t get canned classes or subjects that don’t have a thing to do with your organization.

We deliver all our corporate training programs in English. However, companies want practical business skills regardless of which language they work in. As one of the employee training companies in Dubai, we focus on short courses, professional courses, soft skills, and business communication skills, and not on language learning. Even so, we do have training courses in Business English for those who need the basics.

Corporate Training Programs for employees are charged on a daily rate basis and not per participant. We offer discounts to clients who purchase long-term training programs.

NLPTech Training Center develops our own professional training materials for corporate learning and development. We do not make much use of off-the-shelf textbooks since we understand every client has specific training objectives. Instead, the training participants will receive a printed handbook.

NLPTech Training Center is committed to serving our clients and working around schedules. We often provide weekday and weekend training to our clients. As an employee training center, NLPTech usually requires a minimum number of participants to offer corporate training solutions on weekends and evenings.

We are one of the best corporate training companies that specialises in corporate training for employees that develops managers, builds teams, ups productivity, and ultimately makes you money. We offer training workshops on all aspects of the business, including team building, business management, office productivity, IT, technology training and many more.

We offer online training for corporate clients and can customize online training sessions for your company if desired. However, in most cases, companies demand on-site corporate training as it is more effective than online training sessions.

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