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With more advancement in technology, the world is rapidly shifting from manual work to the digital one. Although, many people still prefer traditional media, but the digital methods have tonnes of advantage over traditional and is the key to succeed in this modern world. This is why it is important to learn software to design better and efficiently. Graphic designing gives freedom that the manual media doesn’t and that is why the artists today should grasp all the opportunities to learn to use software.    

The core of the graphic design world, Adobe Photoshop provides users with the creative freedom to create art pf various forms. Its various uses include logo designing, photo mixing, manipulation, and editing.

Another software is illustrator which offers high-quality graphic designing options and helps in enhancing the level of creativity of a student by accommodating the needs of the user by providing a friendly interface and equips the user with tools to create the design f their choice in high resolutions.

Contrasting to Photoshop and illustrator, which are mainly concerned with image formats, Adobe Premiere is a video editing app that facilitates users in editing multiple videos at a time and working in layers hence ensuring a high-quality end result.

Taking it a step further, Adobe After Effects is suitable for editing for projects that have a comparatively larger scale such as films and t.v shows. For motion graphics designers, this platform is a great way to polish their skills. Moreover, this software provides its user with features such as motion tracking, color grading, titling, and animations.

Adobe Animate aids the users who’re interested in making interactive visuals and work in the animation industry. It provides the user with features that are mandatory and gives an edge if one is aiming to create rich and interactive graphics.

This software carries a professional touch by offering work in multipage documents, working in grids and guides, and creating graphic work for a higher market.

As is evident from the name, our platform strives to optimize the success criteria of its student by giving them the ability to choose from various learning methods. Through conscious inculcation of only the essential information as required by a particular course, we aim to improve the learning and development of the students and help aid them in achieving their desired goals. We keep on analyzing the approaches of various people towards learning the same course and how they entailed it to target the same areas rather than wasting time on unnecessary procedures. NLP focuses on analyzing the problems encountered in learnings and targets the brain to maximize the positive output.


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