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NLP Tech is an ever-liked institution by a major number of students due to its outstanding performance and qualified faculty. We always try our best to impart quality education through professional excellence and dignity. We have been serving students worldwide for over 28 years. This has earned us an unbeaten repute of being a well-known institute. Outstanding academic success along with state-of-the-art teaching methods has made us the best choice. We are well updated with modern age requirements and offering the cutting edge solution to preparation-based exams. Our faculty is covering the widest range of courses to enable you to excel and be adept in your relevant field. We are confident to offer result-oriented courses which such as

CiSCO, Microsoft, CISA, CGEDIT, CRISC, CISM, PMP, COMPTIA, CBAP, ITIL, PMP ACP, AWS, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, CEH, EXAM PREP. Parallel to in-campus and online certification training, we offer one-to-one classes for those professionals or candidates who are running short of time due to their busy schedule or failed in their first attempts but are really keen to get certification. They can get a chance to avail coaching from certified and well educated faculty to make their dream come true. We guarantee a 100% guarantee to pass the examination. Our all certifications are result-oriented and let you discover new horizons in education. We follow the policy of operating an organization on the modern lines to make it well updated with upcoming challenges. Preparing students accordingly and offering them a guaranty to pass the examination always made us keep moving. NLP Tech is the best institution where methods of training are equally based on the physiological and chemical patterns. We understand the day-to-day and ever-increasing requirements so that we train you according to the requirements of a new era. It is easy for everyone to analyze our outstanding performance as compare to other similar institutions on the basis of below mentioned key features. We do not claim but we impart the quality education by all means.  

Key Features

  • 100% Pass Rate
  • Exam Pass Guarantee!
  • Free Demo Class
  • Flexible timings
  • Unlimited Free repeat
  • Offering Affordable Prices
  • Includes Hands-on instruction
  • Course materials and practice exams.
  • Proudly trained 2500+ CCNAs in UAE
  • Over 22 years of training Experience


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